Conference presentations - Liverpool John Moores University 21st June 2018

On the 20th June, The AET and Mentor hosted a conference at Liverpool John Moores University for all those working with young people, showcasing teaching methods, psychologies and evidence-based approaches that reduce children’s negative risk taking.

Read the conference report here.


See presentation Victoria Atkins, Minister for Crime, Safeguarding and Vunerability and Nick Gibbs, Schools Standards Minister,  on our youtube channel

Jim McVeigh – Mentor  

Welcome to Liverpool A city of contrasts

Dr David Regis, Schools Health Education Unit, Exeter

Trends in drug and alcohol use among young people and some connections

Dr John McAlaney, Bournemouth University

Are you normal? (Mis)perceptions of alcohol and drug use in adolescents

Michael O’Toole, Liverpool John Moores University

Evidence-based practice in prevention

Helena Conibear CEO The Alcohol Education Trust

11 evidenced components of preventative education