As PSHE Lead for Bath & North East Somerset I am really impressed with the quality, content and interactive nature of the resource and have alerted all our secondary schools to it. I know that a number of them are using the resources and report very positively following lessons. The materials are very accessible for a range of pupils and learning styles and are enjoyed by the students. We particularly like the AET approach which is based on best evidence and which has a social norms approach.

Since we have been using the AET resources in B&NES we have seen a considerable reduction in alcohol use and misuse, as evidenced by our regular SHEU surveys of schools.

The resource makes life so much easier for teachers and support staff – everything is there and instructions are easy to understand.


Kate Murphy, PSHE Coordinator for BANES Council, supports 16 schools across BANES– January 2017

We have worked closely over the last 6 years with Helena and colleagues at the Alcohol Education Trust and I am delighted to be asked to write to endorse their work. The AET has supported us enormously in terms of our drug education work and I have outlined just a few examples below :-

– Attendance at both our PSHE Leads meetings and our Young People’s Substance Misuse Meeting to showcase the excellent AET materials to which we signpost all of our secondary schools and other young people’s settings. – Delivery of alcohol awareness sessions for parents at local schools, which are always pitched at exactly the right level and are extremely well received.

– Practical, sensible and helpful advice for parents on the AET website – we send this link out to all parents’ groups as a matter of course at Christmas time and before the school holidays. We have received lots of positive feedback from parents about how useful this is.

– Most of all the excellent interactive resources on the website which are very clear and which have everything a teacher needs to deliver the sessions. We especially like the set of films with accompanying activities which are great for promoting harm reduction messages.

On a personal note I have always found Helena and her colleagues to be extremely approachable, reliable and supportive : any request for speakers or resources is always met with a positive and enthusiastic response . It is also reassuring that we are always asked for feedback and evaluation of anything new, so that we feel very much partners in the development of the work and so that we are able to ensure collectively that the approach is based on a clear evidence base .I look forward to a successful continued partnership with the AET.

Drug Education Consultant School Improvement; Achievement Service, Bath and North East Somerset Council

AET Workbook
We first selected the resources because they had been trialled and evaluated by other schools, by both students and teachers. In addition, the resources were ‘quality assured’ by the PSHE Association. It is a ‘well planned programme’ with ‘high quality resources’ and ‘detailed lesson plans’ which are easy to follow. The lessons are clearly laid out, allowing for some interchange of materials between year groups and ensuring students are challenged and progress in their understanding and responsibilities.
The teacher support material helped us focus our lesson links much more closely to the school’s drugs and alcohol policy and highlighted the need to tighten up our safeguarding practice. For example, for each lesson we included: suggested ground rules, safeguarding contact details and support groups. We benefited from using it in other areas such as looking how we can make our sign posting better to help safeguard students in our RSE units.  
The resources, which include video links, are age specific and for us, this is a real strength of the material. It is ‘age specific’ and our students have engaged at every level.
The resources are free. We have a limited budget and this has enabled our students to have a high calibre alcohol education, where students are considering the consequences of their actions, the effects of alcohol and developing their confidence to make the right choices.
Many more of our students left classrooms saying ‘thank you, I enjoyed that lesson’, their enjoyment led to greater achievements.

We would like to take this opportunity to endorse the AET teacher workbook. This is an essential book for teachers to be able to provide an innovative approach to a developmental PSHE education curriculum. Teachers in Staffordshire have been recommended to use this book to address the needs of their young people. There are such a variety of activities, creatively written to cover a vital aspect of drug education in one easy to use book for teachers to select from. The video clips are all age appropriate, supports the discussion as well as providing young people with real life scenarios. Teachers use and rely on the workbook to provide them with up to date information for alcohol education.

The AET workbook is the basis for alcohol education for many schools in Staffordshire as they acknowledge this is a quality resource.

Entrust – January 2017


I used (and am continuing to use) the AET Teacher Workbook with my Year 8 SMC classes, with follow up classes when students get to Year 9. I found the resources very easy to use and like the fact that the Workbook contained useful worksheets that were easy to photocopy and distribute to students.

Jarrow School, Tyne and Wear – January 2017

I used the AET Teacher Workbook for lesson plans and materials for the LEAF Alcohol Programme last year. I used this resource with all of Year 8 over the period of four lessons and with Year 9 over two lessons.

I found the resource easy to use. The layout is clear and there is an option to use the worksheets as they stand or to adapt them to meet the needs of your class. The suggested activities also have scope to fit in with the needs of your class and can easily be changed as questions and issues arise. I liked the flexibility of this.

The resource allowed me to feel confident when delivering these lessons as it is backed up with evidence and statistics. I found my students liked having the facts. It also used language that my students understood and allowed me to feel sure that I was giving the correct information.

The links to the website mean that the resource is ‘live’ and can be kept current. This is essential for any PSHE resource. I would recommend this resource to other teachers.

Christ the King College


Full resource pack

“The…pack contains everything needed for lessons or small groups, there was no need to adapt anything.”

“AET provide excellent resources that are well thought out and designed so that they are accessible to all students of varying abilities and backgrounds. The pack is comprehensive and easy to understand which enables a quick and smooth implementation into any alcohol awareness scheme of work.”

“An engaging and interactive resources which supports a differentiated approach according to your age group.”

Feedback from full resource pack users 2018


Talk About Alcohol Online Learning Zone

I had the privilege of attending the launch day for this fantastic website and educational resource. Through the use of games, quizzes and interactive scenarios young people can experience what the consequences and implications of drinking alcohol irresponsibly are, whilst in the safety of their own home / school etc.

I have utilised this website as part of our PSHCE Health programme within the school and it was very well received by our students who enjoyed the broad range of activities and areas available. Furthermore, it complimented the lessons that we had already completed in the classroom on alcohol awareness by allowing students the opportunity to put what they had learned into practice – which I think is one of the unique selling points of the site. From a teaching perspective, I always encourage experiential learning where possible and this website is perfect for that.

Young people are engaged when a resource is fun, interactive and easily usable – this website ticks all of those boxes. What-is-more it is realistic in its expectations of young people. At no point are they told to not drink alcohol, but always the message is that they should use it responsibly and keep themselves safe, therefore young people are able to take responsibility and ownership of their own safety and make informed decisions when it comes to alcohol. I would have no hesitation in recommending this website to any organisation or parent who is looking to educate their child on alcohol awareness, I fully intend on showing it to my own children.

Head of PSHE , The Dorchester Thomas Hardye School, Dorset.


Can I take this opportunity to thank you and to say what a well put together web-site “Talk About Alcohol” is? We have begun using this resource with our year 8 and 9 students. While we have always run what we hope has been a relevant, balanced and engaging alcohol awareness programme, I have been delighted by the impact the addition of the Talk About Alcohol web-site has made to our students’ experience.

The web-site has allowed me as the teacher to deliver aspects collaboratively with the whole class while also giving students autonomy to explore issues that engage them most. They have particularly enjoyed the games, and despite my concerns to the contrary, they have not enjoyed the games in isolation but have genuinely remembered and understood the facts, figures and information that run alongside them.

For my part, can I say that the most potent element of learning for the students has been the opportunity for students to ‘walk through’ a night out and explore the impact alternative choices would have on their experience? This has been extremely powerful and their work on this has stimulated really useful discussion as a class. While real life examples through videos and visits are impactful I believe the autonomy to make decisions provides students with a safe environment in which to explore potential scenarios. The independent nature of working by themselves or in pairs with a device also allows the students to explore this without judgement as they can choose to keep their choices, ideas and discoveries private if they don’t wish to discuss them.

Many students have accessed the site out of lesson time. This can only be testament to the ability of the web-site to capture their interest and imagination. They now know too where to go for contacts, help and advice – a one stop shop for alcohol support that is far more accessible to them than traditional posters and the like in this digital age! I am looking forward to embedding our use of the web-site further and rolling it other year groups.

Head of MFL and PSHE teacher at The Isle of Portland Aldridge Community Academy – January 2017


The talkaboutalcohol website was very good too and easy to navigate – it had lots of additional items and activities and my students particularly like the real life stories of young people who had been affected by alcohol. Myself and students really enjoyed playing the 24 hour alcohol clock game that showed how long it takes to get one unit of alcohol out of your system and it certainly has had an impact on me as I now will not drive the day after having a ‘big night out’ as I know that I will still be over the limit. The resources have had a big impact on my students too and they are respectful and have learnt a lot about the power and dangers of alcohol. A lot of them have shared what they’ve learnt with parents/carers too.

Jarrow school, Tyne and Wear.


“The AET’s Talk About Alcohol project  equips schools with the resources and training staff need to be able to offer a comprehensive alcohol education curriculum to their pupils. In addition this supports a Public Health priority to see a reduction in the number of young people drinking alcohol and ensuring they have the skills and guidance to make informed choices.”

Christina Hardy, Public Health Practitioner, Tyneside.


I have just come across your contact details on www.talkaboutalcohol.com and I would just like to say what an amazing website. I have found it really useful and will be using it to teach alcohol to my students. Outreach Coordinator/ CAF Assessor, Northampton



As PSHE coordinator, I have been aware of the ‘Talk About Alcohol’ site and the excellent range of teacher resources available from your organisation. I use these in my lessons at year 7, 9 and 10. I discovered the ‘Talk About Alcohol’ site over a year ago, and have since recommended it to other PSHE leads in surrounding schools. I found that your resources are so well thought through, and excellent for engaging students in the topic of Alcohol Education. Glenthorne High School, Sutton Common, Road Sutton

Visual rich resources / SEN

The resources from AET have been hugely appreciated, they have enabled our pupils to review their thoughts and misconceptions around alcohol in an interactive and engaging way that has fuelled positive and reflective discussions.  Pupils have been able to access the resources independently to support them come to their own answers on how they could better lead healthier lifestyles and make more informed choices around the use of alcohol.

Assistant Head Teacher, The Compass School (Alternative Learning Provision) Southampton

We need resources that can address important and sensitive issues to make them accessible for pupils with range of abilities and needs. This innovative resource has good ideas, useful activities, relevant stories and case studies and clear images. This resource will enable teachers to choose relevant elements to support them to deliver alcohol education for their pupils in ways that pupils will understand.

There are key topics that provide a strong foundation for pupils’ learning plus techniques that facilitate gradual development of skills and knowledge in ways that will ensure pupil’s’ understanding. Often resources for mainstream pupils do not work with pupils with special educational needs and disabilities and teachers have to adapt them or cannot use them. This resource has everything a teacher needs in order to get across key messages.

Lesley Kerr-Edwards Director Image in Action – January 2017


The resource book used in three Essex children support centres (formerly known as Pupil Referral Units) has contributed to the centres achieving outstanding Ofsted reports in January 2014. The resource helpfully provided a structured way of evidencing activities the staff have been involved in and the progress made by the student.

The health improvement team for the North East London NHS Foundation Trust’s (NELFT)


The resources are extremely useful, they give us up-to-date accurate information and excellent ideas in a clear format.

Thank you so much. Your hard work will enable us to have a positive impact on our young peoples lives.

New Bridge School, Oldham.


A comprehensive and progressive resource.

White Spire School, Bletchley.


AET provide excellent resources that are well thought out and designed so that they are accessible to all students of varying abilities and backgrounds. The pack is comprehensive and easy to understand which enables a quick and smooth implementation into any alcohol awareness scheme of work.

The Thomas Hardye School, Dorchester, Dorset


A engaging and interactive resource which supports a differentiated approach according to your age group. Highly recommended to support PSHE lessons and the Youth Health Champions program.

Bournemouth Youth Service


This is going to be a really useful resource for years to come & will hopefully benefit young people in many different ways. They can say what is happening & will read different things into all parts. I hope it is going to make appositive difference. Thank you for the brilliant presentation & for providing this great pack.

One Voice FCA South Gloucestershire


The resources are extremely useful, they give us up-to-date accurate information and excellent ideas in a clear format. Thank you so much. Your hard work will enable us to have a positive impact on our young people’s lives. Currently we have used the SEN lesson plans from the back of the folder and the relevant resources as part of our Living Skills programme. Yr 10 students study the effects of drugs and alcohol, your resources have been a great help giving us clear focussed activities and specific, accurate information. We haven’t explored the interactive activities yet. So far we have only trialled this within the main school which mainly caters for students with learning difficulties. As the Trust expands we plan to also use it within our school which caters for students with autism and another with social, emotional and behaviour difficulties

New Bridge Multi Academy Trust, Oldham


A fabulous resource, well put together and useable

Wennington Hall School, Lancaster


Parent sessions

Helena Conibear has spoken to staff and parents about alcohol on three separate occasions in the past two academic years. We, and parents, have been so impressed with the quality of the information, advice and resources provided by the AET that we have already booked them in for the coming academic year.The talks are always well received as Helena has both a very relaxed yet confident presentation style and quite obviously knows the information and latest facts. This is especially clear in the question and answer part of her sessions where I have only seen calm and informed answers to whatever is thrown at her! Exceptionally helpfully for us, she is also very flexible and will adapt her presentations to suit our needs and requirements. I have also used many of the AET resources when planning the alcohol education module of our PSHE course as the AET’s vision for young people to enter adulthood having a healthy relationship with alcohol ensures that its resources engages pupils allowing them to build the necessary resilience from a position of informed choice.

Head of PSHE, Sherborne School


I was delighted with your presentation this evening, you made a very good impression on all the parents I spoke to. Furthermore, both Jo and I thought you had been of great service to the school, and we all learnt something new. Even though we are the ‘experts’, that could be applied to us too, thank you.

PSHE and Citizenship Coordinator Alcester Grammar School, Warcs


Helena, Thank-you so much for last night…. Parents were very appreciative and I think we can build on this for the future…. Once again many thanks for an informative and useful talk.

PSHE Coordinator, Sir Thomas Rich’s School, Gloucs


Thanks for all your and Helena’s organising. It was a very successful evening – we had 45 in the audience and they were highly complimentary.

PSHE Coordinator, Sutton Grammar School


Sandra Saint from the AET came to school when it was Parents Evening and ran a stall there and this had a lot of impact. The resources are very user friendly, very well researched and include lesson plans and suggested activities. I will continue to use these resources as I really believe that they delay the onset of early teenage drinking.

Jarrow school, Tyne and Wear.

Teacher / Community leader training


Thank you so much for the training you carried out last week, it was extremely informative and many staff have fed back that they now feel much better prepared for delivering SMSC around the topic of alcohol and its misuse. Despite it being a twilight session after a hard day’s work, your interactive style and delivery certainly engaged staff, which really was much appreciated. It was especially useful the way you took us through the exceptional resources, which really has equipped us for future delivery of the topic ourselves. I also commend you and your colleagues for the intention of upgrading resources as necessary, instead of witnessing the birth of yet another dodo!

Deputy Headteacher, Greenwood School, Southampton

‘Very informative and fantastic that resources are included’

‘The workshop was hugely insightful and definitely something we can do with our young students.’

‘Opened my eyes!’

‘Really useful. Brilliant session, thank you’

Training evaluation questionnaire responses 2018

‘The training our staff undertook with Kathryn was great.  She was very knowledgeable and was able to field any questions we had throughout.  The resources provided will allow our staff to educate the young people we work with every day on a very important subject.’

Manchester United Foundation 2018

‘Really excellent session and looking forward to implementing the resources into school – thank you!’

‘It makes me more enthusiastic to work with young people – excellent session’.

CPD training in Stockton 10/2017

’You covered everything I can think of! I’m further informed about alcohol and the law and about activities that allow alcohol awareness learning to be fun’.

‘Very informative The information pack and interaction (using games) made it easier to follow and understand. Very good course’

‘I think everything was covered – very informative. Interactive, informative, lots of good resources to take back, variety of materials. Catered for SEN pupils as well, fun activities for the kids. I think everything was perfect. Very happy I was able to come’.

CPD training session for schools in Waltham Forest in 10/2017

As you know I attended one of your training sessions and as an officer who knows quite a lot around this field I was most pleasantly delighted to find the training not only informative but delivered in such a way that it was engaging and very practical  to understand.

The feedback from the teachers was very positive and as a result I am very confident in that this resource and knowledge will be transferred to both the Young People and the adults within their establishments.

Cheshire Police

“Loved the accessible resources and the age range they were pitched to.  Also the mix of facts/ figures and the hands on activities.  Really enjoyed the training”

“As a head of year I would feel confident leading a year assembly on alcohol – resources really good for this.”

“Very valuable resource which will be used in our college.”

Halton teacher training

The Alcohol Education Trust has played a valuable role in providing our team with high quality training to support schools across Kent to enable them to deliver evidence based alcohol education through a quality assured resource. The training has supported our team to organise several Drugs and Alcohol Education forums to launch the resource across the county and received positive feedback from approx. 20 schools represented at the events. The evidence based lesson plans and interactive web-based activities devised by AET are our primary resources with regards to promoting alcohol education in the secondary school setting. This is promoted and disseminated to our Kent wide contacts as part of our core focus to deliver best practice PSHE.

Health and Well being Practitioner Specialist for Children and Young People, School Health Team, Kent Community Health NHS Foundation Trust

The Alcohol Education trust have delivered training in school both to our staff and to our parents and we have used their educational materials within our PSHE lessons.We have found the student materials to be entirely suitable, well thought out and accessible, giving opportunities for discussion and reflection. The parent session was delivered at a Pastoral Evening and was very well received by parents who were both challenged in their assumptions and behaviours but equally supported in their situation of dealing with teenage behaviours. The staff training was both interesting and thought provoking as well, delivered on a TD Day. I also find access to the newsletters to be very valuable and a link to them is about to go live on a new pastoral support section of the school website for access by staff and students.I am sure that any grant that you were able to give would be used wisely to the benefit of young people in this, most important aspect of their lives.

Senior Deputy Headteacher, South Wilts Grammar School for Girls

Helena, Thank you for taking the time to visit us. We all gained a great deal of very valuable knowledge from your session. I hope you have a relaxing weekend. It’s very well deserved 🙂

Teacher, Gateshead Teacher Training Twilight session

Helena, Thanks for coming up to Shrewsbury to deliver the training, I thought that the session (as always) was great.

Shropshire Drug and Alcohol Action Team


I just wanted to thank you for all the hard work and commitment you have given us to ensure that our schools here in Cheshire have the access to the help and support the trust offer.

I have been very fortunate to secure funding so that a full resource pack is available  free of charge to all our high schools including PRU and SEN.

As you know I attended one of your training sessions and as an officer who knows quite a lot around this field I was most pleasantly delighted to find the training not only informative but delivered in such a way that it was engaging and very practical  to understand.

The feedback from the teachers was very positive and as a result I am very confident in that this resource and knowledge will be transferred to both the Young People and the adults within their establishments.

The pack itself is full of ideas and tips on how to deliver and ensure that it is understood.  There are so many resources out there that I know just sit on shelves once people have attended training sessions but this one will is different.   It will become a very important part of the toolkit when the teachers are delivering this topic.

So once again thank you and I look forward to developing our partnership further

Cheshire Police

Public Health Staffordshire has commissioned Entrust (a partnership of Local Authority & Capita) to work with educational settings on the alcohol agenda. We have worked in partnership with AET and have valued the support and first class materials that have been on offer to educational establishments. All of the schools have been given the opportunity of a copy the AET workbook and use it to support their alcohol education curriculum within the PSHE education. The regularly produced newsletter is a constant update of knowledge, statistics and ideas to develop or enhance alcohol education. We would support any bid in order to continue with this excellent source of innovative alcohol education.

Teacher Consultant Behaviour, Health and Well Being Special Educational Needs and Inclusion Services


On a personal note I have always found Helena and her colleagues to be extremely approachable, reliable and supportive : any request for speakers or resources is always met with a positive and enthusiastic response . It is also reassuring that we are always asked for feedback and evaluation of anything new, so that we feel very much partners in the development of the work and so that we are able to ensure collectively that the approach is based on a clear evidence base .I look forward to a successful continued partnership with the AET.

Drug Education Consultant School Improvement; Achievement Service, Bath and North East Somerset Council


‘I am massively grateful to have had the opportunity to attend the conference and workshop. It has given me inspiration and renewed energy to shake up ‘the dreaded’ PSHE/ Life Skills lessons.’ 

2018 Conference delegate


Thank you so much Jane for the resources. The section on units will be a great help for my students. In fact the whole book is fantastic.

Head of PSHCE, The Wye Valley School.


I have just received the FREE Alcohol Teacher resource pack. It is EXCELLENT. If you have not ordered yours yet please contact Jane ASAP.

PSHE Co-ordinator (Secondary), Personal, Social & Health Education Peterborough City Council, Children’s Services, Education and Resources, 2nd Floor, Bayard Place, Broadway, Peterborough


Re workbook and DVD and booklets – All recieved and looking really useful – in fact I’ve just changed my plans for year 11 next lesson after looking at the teacher book 🙂

Head of Personal, Social, Health and Religious Education, Chew Valley school, Chew Lane, Chew Magna


A fantastic website and set of resources. Head of CPSE, The Chantry School, Martley, Worcester.

We gave your leaflets to all our year 9 and 10 parents who attended our ‘Meet the Tutor ‘evenings. We also had them available for parents on our Year 11 Parents Evening. I also gave a copy of the student leaflet to every girl in Years 9, 10 and 11.We put a copy of the DVD and the leaflets on our VLE , which can be accessed by all our parents, and we sent out a letter to parents of our year 9-11 students to make them aware that this was available.I am really grateful for your support and we may be able to make further use of your help in the future.

Head of PSHE, Chelmsford County High School for Girls


I have received your letter and leaflets-which look fantastic. I would like to order some of these- I have also had a look at the website and will definitely use and recommend it to others.

Head of PSHE 


Many thanks for sending the booklet – it is really impressive and has lots of information in it.Your website is really useful and seems really young people friendly, I have attached it to the relevant pages on our website.

Just Ask Nottingham


Dudley PCT are looking to order some of the leaflets on alcohol for parents, could you tell me if I can order the ones you have on the website.

Alcohol Health Promotion Adviser, Dudley


I have just received a copy of the AET teacher workbook and resources!  Thank you so much, the standard of the resources in the Teacher workbook is excellent.  The student guide and parent guide  are informative and age appropriate.

Having previously purchased expensive alcohol educational resources from various companies I have found most to be lacking in detail and not age appropriate. I am planning to use your resources this term with year 9 and will feed back to you when the unit is completed. Once again, thank you and keep up the good work.

PSHE Coordinator Halewood Academy

Yes these were brilliant. We used the website and booklets in conjunction with Solomon Theatre performance and workshop and the kids loved it as well as learning!

Head of PSHE, Hounsdown School, Hants

We provide resources to schools and parents as well as large numbers of young people who attend the centre. Please send resources for parents and young people. We would be interested in having as many as you can spare so we can distribute them. I thought your presentation for parents and all the hints and tips were excellent. Project Manager, FUEL, Enniskillen, Co Fermanagh

Young addaction work within secondary schools, in youth groups, on outreach and with 1:1 referals. As it is alcohol week coming up we have booked into see all secondary schools and colleges in the surrounding area. Anything you could spare that you think would be useful to aid us in any element would be appreciated.

Young People and Family Alcohol Worker, Addaction, Worthing

I have read both of your leaflets ‘Alcohol and you’ and ‘Talking to kids about Alcohol’ and I feel it is exactly the kind of information the students I teach need to hear.

PSHE Teacher, Chelmsford County High School for Girls

I work in a young person’s centre were we provide a ‘one stop shop’ service for young people between the age of 11-25yrs.  Alcohol is a major acceptable problem with young people in this area and we are trying to source excellent information to aid young drinkers to be more responsible especially over the festive session.We have came across you leaflets and they are excellent and I would love to have them on our shelves and to distribute them to our young people and schools.


Senior Youth Facilitator, Find project, Enniskillen, Co Fermanagh

I am a PSHE lead in a secondary school. I have looked at the website and teacher resources and it looks great and is definitely something I will be incorporating into my PSHE programme.


PSHE Lead, Westlands School, Torquay

I have just had a look at your booklet: Alcohol and You. Facts about alcohol, staying safe and what to do if things go wrong.I am very impressed with the booklet and we would like to use it at our school as part of our PSHE lessons.


PSHE Coordinator, Penair School, Truro


I would be very interested in being signed up for your email list. I will be researching the site with great interest – it could save me a lot of time trawling elsewhere! ALEC Educator, Inverurie Academy, Inverurie

I am a Parent Support Adviser in the Falmouth district. Would it be possible for you to send me some resources on alcohol and the effects and damage it can do to your body. I would be grateful too if you could send me some information to give to parents of teenagers which I am currently working with, this hopefully supporting the children to make positive choices during their teenage years. If you have a DVD/CD of resources this would be very useful  as I could lend it out to parents who have difficulty in reading. Parent Support Adviser, Falmouth School, Falmouth, Cornwall

As KS3 PSHE co-ordinator, I’m currently writing schemes of work around Legal and Illegal Drugs for Year 8. At least 2 of our lessons will be on alcohol, so I’d appreciate the chance to use the resources and short film on AIM’s DVD if you still have copies. The Corsham School, Corsham, Wiltshire

I got your details on www.drinkaware website. I am working with young people in the hairdressing industry and through our safeguarding procedure need to help teenager be aware of the dangers in drink. Have you any leaflets you could let me have for them to take away in a mini workshop i am planning. I thank you in anticipation.

Central Region Training Coordinator


I’m the Health Development Worker for CwmNi, which is the Communities First Partnership for the Treherbert Ward.  We’re in the process of putting together a pack to compliment our alcohol awareness campaign.  Could we request 20 packs of your conversation cards to hold in the office to distribute with our packs.

Community Health Development Worker, CwmNi, Treherbert, Rhondda Cynon Taff


I would be very interested in the booklets for students and also the DVD.  We already use your online resources which we find very useful

PSHE Co-ordinator, Ribston Hall High School Gloucs


I have recently received your information regarding alcohol education and was really impressed with the sensitive and ‘age appropriate’ way they have been written.

KS4 Learning Mentor. I/c PSHE & Citizenship, Bishop Vesey’s Grammar School, Lichfield Road, Sutton Coldfield