Impacts and Awards

Independent evaluation of impact, effectiveness and fidelity

  • The Talk About Alcohol programme is evidenced to significantly raise the age of onset of drinking through the delivery of 4 lessons in Year 8 and 2 top up lessons in Year 9 (NFER 2013).
  • This effect gets significantly stronger as teenagers get older (NFER 2015).
  • It is equally effective for ethnic minorities (NFER 2013).
  • It is effective in areas of multiple deprivation where alcohol-related harms for under 18s are highest in England (2016 UCL Institute of Education).

Impact and reach

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The AET Talk About Alcohol programme is selected as best practice by

European Platform for Investment in Children Promising Practice

Early Intervention Foundation


Awards and recognition

Children and Young People Now! 2022 Finalist for best early intervention awards

Teach Secondary Awards 2021

Private Education and Development Awards 2019


Education Resource Awards 2019 highly commended for best secondary school resource


Alcohol Awareness for Young People Award (2018) from the Chris Donovan Trust



Inspiring Wellbeing Awards 2018 – Outstanding contribution to Wellbeing


Charity Times Finalist for best small charity of the year 2017

Chris Donovan Alcohol Awareness for Young People Award 2018