Year 7/ S1

Year 7 / S1 – Suggested resources

It is advised that more of a life skills approach is taken until towards the end of year 7. The overwhelming majority of 11 year-olds will not be drinking alcohol (1% drink weekly). It is key to assess knowledge and experience before delivering alcohol education – See the Teacher Workbook.

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Assessing knowledge


Ice breaker/ Conversation starter Musical Chairs game: How we are influenced by alcohol. This activity should take 20 mins to half and hour and will demonstrate to pupils that although they may not currently drink, their life is influenced by alcohol. These questions are examples and we suggest you make them more complex or simple according to your classes’ experience regarding alcohol (they know the names of drinks, they’ve seen someone who’s drunk etc.)

Activity 2

The decision on whether to drink or not

The Teacher notes, blank worksheet and completed worksheet  will enable you to explore key motivations for drinking or resisting alcohol.

The key is for you to facilitate class discussion and to correct any misconceptions.

Extension Activity

Ask the pupils to count how many times alcohol is mentioned or viewed during a TV show, or how many times they spot alcohol advertised during the week.

Alcohol and its effects, social and physical

If you have internet access for the pupils, ask them to spend ten minutes using the interactive body .

In preparation, read The Short Term Effects of Alcohol and What Happens to Alcohol in the Body.

Getting the balance right

Follow the lesson plan How much is too much – getting the balance right. Use the simple or full version of the worksheets, or the grid and picture/word sheet for KS3.

Alcohol and staying safe

Use the teacher notes  (page 78, Teacher Workbook) and worksheet How much is too much? – getting the balance right.

Use the short clip from Dorset Police Staying out of trouble, or the short film by Newsround ‘Living with alcohol’ 

Try Switchen Kitchen in the  online Learning Zone,