Year 8/ S2

Year 8 /S2 – Suggested resources

It is key to assess knowledge and experience before delivering alcohol education – See  the Teacher Workbook.

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Assessing knowledge


Ice breaker/ Conversation starter Musical Chairs game: How we are influenced by alcohol. This activity should take 20 mins to half and hour and will demonstrate to pupils that although they may not currently drink, their life is influenced by alcohol.

These questions are examples and we suggest you make more complex or simplify according to your classes’ experience regarding alcohol (they know the names of drinks, they’ve seen someone who’s drunk etc.)

Activity 2

The decision on whether to drink or not

The Teacher notes, blank worksheet and completed worksheet will enable you to explore key motivations for drinking or resisting alcohol.

The key is for you to facilitate class discussion and to correct any misconceptions.

Extension Activity

Ask the pupils to count how many times alcohol is mentioned or viewed during a TV show, or how many times they spot alcohol advertised during the week.

Units and guidelines

Initial Activity

This session involves you demonstrating units with bottles and glasses – Look at the blank and completed worksheets (or the simplified version).

You need to read the worksheet on responsible drinking and view one of the recommended short film clips.

We suggest you use unit calculators and a unit measure cup that can be ordered from (These are available free of charge).

Bring in glasses of different sizes and shapes and save empty containers and bottles of well known brands and drinks.

If you have internet access the pupils can try using one of the unit calculator apps.

Activity 2

Have they understood?

Use the Alcohol clock game and activity.

The game involves laying the numbers of a clock on the floor and  asking the kids to plan an evening out and to work out how many units they have drunk and how long it takes for the body to break down a unit.

Try our interactive version in our online Learning Zone,

Extension Activity a

Test your parents

Ask pupils to ask their parents if they know what the daily guidelines are for adults and how many units are in their glass of wine etc. and give them marks out of 10.

Extension Activity b

Why are young people advised not to drink?

See teacher notes and worksheet.

Try the match numbers game in our online Learning Zone,

Alcohol and its effects, social and physical

Initial Activity

If you have internet access for the pupils, ask them to spend ten minutes using the interactive body. Otherwise, print off the How too much alcohol effects the body worksheet. Go through the different parts of the body and the effects that alcohol has on them.

In preparation, read The Short Term Effects of Alcohol and What Happens to Alcohol in the Body.

Activity 2

Choose from the Alcohol and it’s effects teacher notes or draw a human body with the vital organs and ask pupils to come up and write the effects of alcohol on different parts of the body.

Pay attention to how much, how quickly and where alcohol is drunk and the effect of food.

Discuss the effect of alcohol on the immature body and the difference between long term (physical or legal) and short term effects.

Use UK government binge drinking film clips for males and females.

Extension Activity

Just a Few Drinks Play one or more of the BBC2 Learning zone just a few drinks. Download the teacher notes and lesson plans to use with each film.

What would you have done? Divide the class into two groups and discuss what could have been done at various stages of the 7 minute films to make things better or worse.

Use the Just a Few Drinks activity in our online Learning Zone,

Getting the balance right

Initial Activity

Follow the lesson plan How much is too much – getting the balance right (page 78 Teacher Workbook)

Use the simple or full version of the worksheets (pages 74 – 75 of the teacher work book) or the grid and picture/word sheet for KS3, pages 76 – 77.

Try the Match numbers game in our online Learning Zone,

Use UK government binge drinking film clips for males and females.

Activity 2

Getting the balance right

Ask the pupils to link the amount drunk with the consequences and then discuss how alcohol effects your reactions, coordination, mood, reflexes etc.

It is important to emphasise when not drinking at all is appropriate such as when driving, if pregnant, on certain medications or working, for example.

Extension Activity

Divide the class into groups and ask them to plan a party using ‘The party’ lesson plan, pages 81 – 82 Teacher Workbook.

View either Jordan or Anna’s story based at parties from the BBC2 Just a Few Drinks film clips. Use the relevant Just a Few Drinks lesson plan and the teacher notes, pages 80 and 83 – 87 Teacher Workbook.

Use the Just a Few Drinks activity in our online Learning Zone,

Testing knowledge

Initial Activity

Use the worksheets Fact or fiction and How well do you know your age group? Both these activities are supported by the Assessing Knowledge teacher notes. Also, Try the quiz.

Activity 2

If you have internet access allow the pupils ten minutes to refresh their knowledge in the fact zone of and then complete the Test Your Knowledge and Want to Learn More? activities in the Online Learning Zone,

Extension Activity

Based on a social norms approach, the questions in the initial activity on How well do you know your age group? are designed to test young people’s assumptions about how much their contemporaries drink. You can ask students to collect headlines from the newspaper or internet over the week and note how many positive or negative stories there are on alcohol and young people and discuss adults views about young people and how they really behave. Use the worksheet Alcohol Education – What Do You Want? and the accompanying teacher notes to get pupils to design their own alcohol health campaign based on what they have learnt.

Alcohol and the law

Use the Alcohol and the Law Information sheet to demonstrate the current UK laws regarding alcoho; go through each of the laws thoroughly. There is a sheet specifically for Scotland, which has a different BAC limit for driving.  Use the version on the online Learning Zone

Alcohol and staying safe