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Parent Area

Parents Area
Many parents feel lost and confused when talking to their children about alcohol. How can you help them deal with peer pressure and stay safe? What UK laws exist relating to young people and alcohol. View the Parent Area

Teacher Area

Teachers Area
Make PSHE and science lessons on alcohol informative and engaging. We provide evaluated, evidence based, imaginative teachers’ newsletter and adaptable resources, films, worksheets and lesson plans for KS3-5. View the Teacher Area




Latest Reports

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National  Alcohol and Drugs Education Conference 2018


Our Mission

Our vision is for young people to enter adulthood having a responsible understanding of alcohol and its short and long term effects. We engage children of all abilities and backgrounds before they begin drinking, helping them build resilience skills, know how to avoid and resist risky situations and to look after themselves and each other in a variety of settings. Read more…

The Programme

Our Programme LeafletsSchool is the one place where we can reach almost every child across the UK. We help schools deliver effective alcohol education to 11 – 18 year olds, provide teacher training as well as an outreach to parents… Read more…


Where our programme was in place, just 8% of pupils took up drinking over the 18 months from year 8 to the end of year 9 compared to 20% following other programmes.

Progress on Strategic Goals and impact report 2018


Our Programme

I have been using the AET resources for a number of years and am really impressed with how comprehensive and well-constructed they are.  It is a rare thing to find an organisation who really understands how to reach young people in different year groups effectively.  AETs resources are pitched brilliantly for different age groups and the activities are just the sort of active and engaging activities which make for effective PSHE.

My students enjoy the activities and demonstrate really good understanding of the issues at the end of their lessons.  It is really helpful in planning a curriculum for specialists and non-specialist teachers that the resources are so detailed and there is such a lot of really good, clear advice for teachers on the website and in the resource book.  I can set these lessons confident that my staff can teach informative, accurate and thoughtful lessons which encourage critical thinking and challenge stereotypes.

Given the lack of funding in schools it is also worth mentioning that the fact that their resources are free to use is vitally important to schools.  I can’t recommend them highly enough.

Chew Valley School


Press Releases and News


Report on Talk About Alcohol featured in the March edition of Education and Health Journal

In the March issue of the Education and Health Journal, Helena Conibear, CEO of the Alcohol Education Trust, gives an update on the vision of the charity and the developing objectives of the evidenced-based Talk About Alcohol Programme. In the past week, the House of Commons voted in favour of including PSHE as a ‘must teach’ subject by September 2020 with alcohol education becoming a formal part of Health Education. Further guidance in the form of new NICE guidelines on alcohol education in schools (currently out for consultation) is expected to provide a recommended framework of “a whole school universal approach, incorporating social norms and avoiding scare tactics or highlighting extremes of behaviour.” The Talk About Alcohol programme will help schools to deliver on these requirements. To read the report, click... read more

The Alcohol Education Trust to support schools across Scotland

We’re thrilled to announce that The Alcohol Education Trust (AET) has established a Scottish office, located in Glasgow City Centre and kindly hosted by The Wise Group and so is now able to support schools across Scotland with its highly evidenced and award winning programme for young people ‘Talk About Alcohol’. Every secondary school is entitled to a free copy of the teacher workbook, which contains over 30 lesson plans for 11-18 year olds, games, activities and fact sheets, especially adapted for Scotland and fully supported online. For the last ten years, the AET has supported over 1000 schools, youth and sports clubs and ½ million children EACH year with its training, resources and regionally based experts free of charge – at a cost of under 50p a child. Our vision is to strengthen the effectiveness of our work in Scotland by establishing a local office with a dedicated trainer to support schools and youth organisations nationally. 2019 is the 10th Anniversary of the Alcohol Education Trust and the charity has been successful in securing grants from Foundation Scotland and others to enable us to offer our award winning and highly evidenced Talk about Alcohol schools programme to schools in Scotland free of charge, which you can view here: Helena Conibear CEO of The Alcohol Education Trust commented: “The AET is a charity dedicated to reducing alcohol related harm for under 18s across the UK, and currently we already work with 90 schools in Scotland. It was always our ambition to have a permanent base in Scotland and this will be led by our newly appointed Scotland Director... read more

Café Office and community space for youth charity on The Great Field, Poundbury

We’re thrilled to announce that The Alcohol Education Trust (AET) will be building a community space, café and office on the Great Field at Poundbury in 2019. For the last ten years, the AET have operated out of a garden garage in Frampton. This has been excellent in that overheads have been tiny, enabling the AET to spend very high proportions of every penny raised on its work across the UK. Over the last decade, the AET has supported over 1000 schools, youth and sports clubs and ½ million children EACH year with its training, resources and regionally based experts free of charge – at a cost of under 50p a child. 2019 is the 10th Anniversary of the Alcohol Education Trust and the charity has been given the wonderful opportunity to build a café, community/training space and office in a park setting in an area with 33% social housing. It is the second most deprived area in West Dorset, yet few would guess that this was Poundbury. At present there is no youth provision on Poundbury and the AET will be providing an important community space with a priority for youth in a parkland setting. Older teenagers will be attracted to the park through the provision by The Duchy of Cornwall of a Parkour area for free running, there is also a football and cricket pitch. The AET will be providing public loos for those using the park and, to ensure that the building is revenue-generating for the charity, a café forms part of the cricket style pavilion building. The café will be family orientated and will offer... read more

Helena Conibear has spoken to staff and parents about alcohol on three separate occasions in the past two academic years. We, and parents, have been so impressed with the quality of the information, advice and resources provided by the AET…  The talks are always well received.

Parent Sessions

Sherborne School

The resources from AET have been hugely appreciated, they have enabled our pupils to review their thoughts and misconceptions around alcohol in an interactive and engaging way that has fuelled positive and reflective discussions.

SEN Resources

The Compass School (Alternative Learning Provision) Southampton

As an officer who knows quite a lot around this field I was delighted to find the training not only informative but delivered in such a way that it was engaging and very practical  to understand. The feedback from the teachers was very positive. I am very confident in that this resource and knowledge will be transferred to both the young people and the adults within their establishments.

CPD training session

Schools in Waltham Forest