Getting started

You will see that this website is organised with recommendations by year group and by topic to make planning your lessons on alcohol easy. The evaluation of  The AET Talk About Alcohol programme shows that the most effective combination is the delivery of 4 lessons in Year 8 with two top up lessons in Year 9, but there are resources here for every age and ability from age 11 to 18.

You may find it easier to download the whole workbook here. Otherwise you can order a workbook via our store or by emailing

Before you begin:

  • Be aware of your school or organisations alcohol policy
  • Be aware of your school or organisation designated leads in safeguarding and the Governor with a responsibility for drugs and alcohol
  • Have a list of who to refer children to both within your school or organisation, at local level and at National level for support and advice on alcohol
  • You will find a list of useful services at national level here 
  • Establish ground rules that are specific to alcohol – such as not asking personal questions and respecting other people’s views and opinions
  • Make children aware that you have a duty to disclose any information that they may share that you consider puts them at risk
  • Use an ‘ask it basket’ where children can anonymously post questions if they have particular worries or concerns about alcohol that they do not want to share publicly that you will respond to confidentially if appropriate
  • Read our full advice on getting started.


The Ideal Intervention

The Talk About Alcohol evaluated model