Units and Guidelines

Resources – Units and guidelines – responsible drinking

Understanding that similar drinks contain different concentrations of alcohol can be hard to grasp and boring. We suggest that you collect empty bottles, cans and glasses and use a coloured liquid to allow pupils to estimate the number of units in different drinks.  It may be wise to start with an explanatory film clip such as the ‘What is a unit’ film clip below.
The Alcohol Clock Game in our Online Learning Zone talkaboutalcohol.com can be used to check understanding and to reinforce how long it takes for alcohol to be broken down by the body after your demonstation. Other resources in the zone that may be useful include Match Numbers game, How much is too much? and Test your knowledge.
This section looks at pour sizes, units, alcoholic strength, the importance of reading back labels and understanding the guidelines that apply to adults. It discusses why young people under 18 are advised not to drink and what blood alcohol concentration (BAC) is.

It should be noted that low risk guidelines are for those over 18 of good health. We recommend this area for 13+. Download the ‘Units and Guidelines’ chapter of the Teacher Workbook here

Have they understood?

Alcohol Clock game – Use this simple game in class to demonstrate how units build up and are broken down


or use the interactive version.


Enhance learning using our online Learning Zone talkaboutalcohol.com.

Match Numbers game – Have a go at matching the number of drinks someone might consume to a particular consequence!


How much is too much?


Test your knowledge