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Resources: Alcohol and the Law

As pupils get older, it is important that they understand the possible long term consequences of breaking the law.

In this section, the worksheets lay out laws that apply to alcohol in as simple a way as possible. The lesson plans are based on different scenarios that avoid a preachy style. Key lessons include: You and the law; Drinking and driving don’t mix; and Drinking and driving. For more detail, visit the 16+ area of resources

Download the ‘alcohol and the Law’ chapter of the Teacher Workbook here

Lesson planning

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Pass Scheme

Information Sheets

Alcohol and the Law

Alcohol and the Law – England and Wales

Alcohol and the Law – Scotland

What you need to know about drinking and driving

Drink Drive Factsheet

Short film clips to use as ice breakers or to promote discussion

Staying out of trouble – Dorset Police