Effects (Physical & Social)

Resources: Alcohol and its effects (physical and social)

In this section you will find a blank worksheet for students to fill in their ideas about alcohol’s effect on different parts of the body, plus the answer sheet for you to work through with them.
If you have internet access, there is an interactive body that pupils can scroll over and find out the answers in the body zone of our Online Learning Zone, talkaboutalcohol.com
You will also find lesson plans on:
The short term effects of alcohol on the body
What happens to alcohol in the body
The long term effects of alcohol in the body
You, your friends and strangers
A series of lesson plans built around BBC films ‘Just a few drinks’
Alcohol and the community
Responsible drinking
Investigating the dehydrating effects of alcohol (11 – 14)
Investigating the dehydrating effects of alcohol (14 – 16).
You may wish to use some of the film clips on the Alcohol Education Trust website. As well as the four  ‘Just A few drinks’ BBC films . We also suggest that you use the UK government public information films about binge drinking ‘You wouldn’t start an evening like this’ (there are 2 versions, one featuring a boy and the other a girl).

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Lesson planning

Body bws

Teachers notes, Worksheets

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Short film clips to use as ice breakers or to promote discussion

ice breaker clips

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