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Resources: Assessing knowledge – How much do you know about alcohol?

It is recommended that before you start teaching about alcohol, that you assess how much your pupils know. It is suggested that you begin with some icebreaker activities such as Musical Chairs followed by The decision on whether to drink activity (see Lesson planning/teacher notes or our full teacher workbook). Download the ‘Assessing knowledge’ chapter of the Teacher Workbook here

This session of icebreaker and  baseline activities is important to help you assess the knowledge, experience and behaviour of your class when you introduce alcohol as a topic.
The aim is to give you a better understanding of your students’ knowledge and attitudes towards drinking before you start giving information about units, guidelines and responsible drinking. It will help break the ice and allow students to express thoughts about alcohol and why some young people start drinking alcohol and some don’t.
The session gives students the opportunity to reflect on their knowledge and opinion of alcohol and to begin to discuss what responsible behaviour entails. It gives you the flexibility to take the discussion to areas that need exploring further. We’ve included full answers to some questions that may arise.
We suggest you use an ice breaker game and quick fire questions to help overcome reluctance to talk about attitudes to drinking. If you have online access, please visit our Online Learning Zone, for activities for the class,such as Fact or Fiction or Test your knowledge and to download any of the resources in this workbook.
Note: Do remember that in 2014, 62% of 11 – 15 year-olds in the UK hadn’t drunk alcohol – so don’t presume your pupils are all drinking. Gauge the knowledge and experience of your class first. Only 6% of 11 year-olds have had a whole drink and 5% of 11 – 15 year-olds drink weekly (<1% of 11 year-olds and 10% of 15 year-olds).

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Use this quiz to work through what you’ve taught in class. Recommended for KS4 (S3/4)