Resources: 16+ (KS5)

As teenagers get older, they lead more independent lives and may learn to drive. It becomes increasingly important that they are aware of the long term consequences of breaking the law and know how to enjoy themselves responsibly in pubs and clubs while staying safe as they approach the age of 18.

This section, which should be used in conjunction with the fact sheets in the sections on ‘Units and guidelines’ and ‘Alcohol and the law’, includes: A fact sheet on drinking, driving and blood alcohol laws; An A5 flyer to be photocopied as a handout on top tips for staying safe; A quiz on myths and facts about 16 – 24 year-olds drinking in the UK; A peer to peer questionnaire and example report written by a sixth former.

On this page you’ll find a link to many short film clips to help provoke discussion and debate. A hard copy of the full colour booklet, ‘Alcohol and You’ for those aged 15+ is available to order from

Download the ‘resources for 16+’ chapter of the teacher workbook here


How much do you really know about alcohol?

alcohol quiz

Emoji quiz for Alcohol


Emoji quiz for cannabis

Other Resources

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