Pavilion in the Park

Pavilion in the Park – Pip’s Cafe and community space


Can you imagine a park so large it will have a mile running track, shady walks for dog lovers and families with over 500 trees and wild flower meadows being planted, and an outside gym for those wishing to stay fit? Visualise a lovely children’s play area too within walking distance of a thriving first school?

Imagine an all weather surface pitch and a Parkour (free running) area making the space a hub for teenagers, with 2,000 being in walking distance from the local secondary school?

Imagine a simple wooden cricket pavilion style building with a veranda at the heart offering shelter, eco-conscious refreshments and public loos to all those enjoying the park? Not only that, it will house a community space able to host activities and holiday clubs for young people as well as a vital training space for the children’s charity running PiP’s café and community hub?

What better home for The Alcohol Education Trust a local Dorset charity that works nationally helping 500,000 young people in 2,500 schools, youth and sports clubs make safer, healthier choices, improving their resilience and life chances each year? You can read more about us here

Until now we have operated out of a garden garage and in 2019, our 10th Birthday year, we were given the wonderful opportunity to build a family and dog friendly café, community hub, disabled loos and office on The Great Field at Poundbury, a new development on the edge of Dorchester. The café will help fund The Alcohol Education Trust’s vital work as well as offer youth training, employment and volunteering opportunities. The build began on the 15th July with the main build completing in December. With a period for fit out, we plan that the café, loos and community space will be open in time for the Easter holidays 2021!