16+ Ice Breakers

Resources: 16+ (KS5)

Short film clips to use as ice breakers or to promote discussion

BBC Learning

Four young people, whose lives have been dramatically affected by drinking too much alcohol, tell their stories

Alan’s story

Anna’s story

Emily’s story

jordan’s story

Staying Safe

Staying out of trouble (Dorset Police)

Festival safety

London Ambulance Service campaign  – Not An Ambulance – A lot of the people we go to don’t need an ambulance on blue lights – they just need their friends to get them home safely and help them sober up.

Educational video on sticking together Dorset Police

Network Rail – video warning passengers of the dangers of being drunk at rail stations

The effects of alcohol on the body

Follow alcohol on its journey through the body to find out how it causes drunkenness and why it affects people differently.

Drink Spiking

Drink spiking: Southampton student recounts experience

Drink spiking: ‘Stop blaming the victims’

AET – Drink Spiking – Any Drink, Anyone, Anywhere


‘My drink was spiked on my second day at university’

Alcohol related violence

Alcohol and violence – legal case study

Viral video to tackle alcohol related violence in young adults (Warwickshire police)

Alcohol it’s no joke Russell Kane

Drink Drive

Don’t be that someone (Drink Drive -morning after) 2012 Footage of an adult driving and then crashing whilst over the legal drink drive limit – could be suitable to show to sixth formers to demonstrate how reactions/coordination/hazard perception and speed are affected by alcohol


legal case study

Consent is as simple as tea

Alcohol and drugs are not an invitation for sexual assault.  Sexual activity without consent is assault.

Binge drinking

Anti-binge drinking commercial (North Sydney Technical and Further Education Institute)

Don’t Leave Your Brain at Home

UK Government public information film about binge drinking Male (2008)

UK Government public information film about binge drinking Female (2008)

BBC Three series Face The Consequences shows a man who broke his back on an alcohol-fuelled night confronting four young binge drinkers about their dangerous drinking. Will his story change their habits?