Pavilion in the Park

How will the space be used? 

PiP’s café and community space will be at the heart of Poundbury within walking distance of 5,000 school children and their families. It will have an environmental and youth focus, but be welcoming to all. We will be as single use plastic free as possible using compostable takeaway cups, offering free drinking water and using local produce.

The café and community centre will ensure that the Park is used much more by providing two public loos (one disabled access) and a hub for families and young people to meet in the heart of a green space with various activities for differing ages. Loos will enable people of all ages to stay longer, the café will provide shelter and warmth/shade and sustenance in all weathers and provide a focus for the Park. The community space will provide a flexible space for activities such as arts and crafts, holiday clubs, voluntary groups and clubs as well as for private events and training.

The AET will be enhancing its remit by facilitating diversionary activities for young people in particular. Boredom and lack of things to do is linked to negative risk taking including early and problematic alcohol consumption. The building will also encourage healthy lifestyles and will also support the AET’s remit to deliver training to all professionals working with young people in the provision of engaging interactive and effective life skills education.

Families and children

With its proximity to Damer’s First school – parents and young children will have loos and a dry space for refreshments and activities enabling them to get out more and use the park for longer – keeping all the family fitter and healthier and encouraging walking to school. The café plans a happy hour for healthy teas and will provide space for after school and holiday clubs, arts and craft activities, and events such as treasure hunts, Halloween pumpkin carving and Christmas crafts.


Older teenagers

We will offer opportunity to young people for volunteering, training and jobs as well as a space for youth and sports clubs to meet. Being at the heart of the park PiP’s will help keep young people active and healthy, a focus group from The Thomas Hardye School made The Pavilion their top priority saying that it would make them come to the park more. The café will offer teenage orientated early regular events such as ‘waffle and shakes’ and pizza nights. This will be supervised by a qualified café manager and be run by the AET.

Fresh air and fun

The Café plans to host outside events that are family friendly, such as a parkour event for the club, family fun days (such as a treasure hunt), a weekly park run and walking for health using the café as a hub. The café would like to host walking and wildlife spotting maps for visitors and to encourage the park to be wildlife friendly. We will have a bird feeding station as well outside planters and seating – and even a ping pong table!.


Older and more isolated people

The café is adjacent to sheltered housing, so by providing loos and a safe dry space the park will be used much more by people of all ages including dog walkers and older more isolated people. We aim to offer a value over 60’s lunch offer at least once a week as well as a supper club to encourage community cohesion.


Supporting local businesses

The café will champion local produce as far as possible, including supporting Dorset businesses, we will have healthy food offerings and lower calorie choices. We would like to link with producers to reduce
food waste and will support Damer’s First school in being as plastic free and ‘single use’ free as possible