Overview & Core Resources

Alcohol education resources for 11-18 year olds

As the 2010 OFSTED report on PSHE alcohol education provision has illustrated, teachers, with little time, have to trawl around and find their own resources for PSHE – either paying for them from often unevaluated providers or relying on local providers for information, the police or other local services. As a result alcohol education provision was deemed to be inadequate in 50% of UK secondary schools assessed by OFSTED in July 2010. In response the Alcohol Education Trust, with teachers and PSHE specialists as trustees has developed a selection of resources suitable for different ages and abilities in paper and online form.

All our resources, including the teacher workbook and both booklets can be downloaded from this site. Hover on either the ‘Resources by Topic’ or ‘Resources by Year Group’ button in the menu bar above to view more detail.

To request FREE* hard copies of these publications or to find out more about arranging a parent information session or CPD training for teachers, email kate@alcoholeducationtrust.org (*restrictions apply)

Core Resources

All of the core resources are available from our store.

Teacher Work Book CoverOur educational materials and lesson plans are listed by subject to make lesson planning simple. Hover on the ‘resources’ button in the menu bar above to view more detail. The resources are also published in the Talk about Alcohol – Teacher Work book.

The Alcohol Education Trust is also able to offer a seminar for parents as part of a meet the tutor’ evening or a parents evening. This involves a ½ hour presentation, followed by a fun quiz and Questions and Answers. For more details, please contact kate@alcoholeducationtrust.org

Programme Recognition

pshe accredited

PSHE Association accredited

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Awarded 3/3 for programme effectiveness by The Department for Education appointed Centre for Analysis for Youth Transitions (CAYT).

The online Learning Zone, talkaboutalcohol.com site is a fun interactive website to be used by young people in a classroom setting as part of PSHE lessons on alcohol.  It is designed mainly for Key stage 3 and complements the Talk About Alcohol teacher workbook. The Learning Zone has many games, quizzes and other activities to  enrich alcohol education lessons.

parent-guideWe produce a booklet to send home to parents ‘Talking to Kids About Alcohol’, which encourages parents to set boundaries and be good role models.

Alcohol and You

Our second booklet ‘Alcohol and You’ takes a social norms approach with advice and guidance for 14 years+ teenagers.

EIFOne of the Early Intervention Foundation’s top 50 most effective early intervention programmes 2014.

See our evaluation and case studies page for more information