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Why do parents and teenagers consistently overestimate the percentage of young people who drink alcohol and the prevalence of drunkenness?

Press release: Embargoed until 4 September  Why do parents and teenagers consistently overestimate the percentage of young people who drink alcohol and the prevalence of drunkenness? Parents and carers think they are justified in supplying alcohol to teens because they perceive it’s the norm and assume that someone else will supply it if they don’t 78% of parents overestimated the number of teenagers who drink alcohol– just 38% of 11-15 year olds have tried alcohol and only 4% drink weekly Only 3% of parents correctly identified that 20% of 16-24 year olds get drunk regularly – most thought at least half did. 49% of parents and carers believed friends and peers were the prime suppliers of alcohol to their children and whereas it is actually themselves.   The Alcohol Education Trust, which supports over 1,400 schools to prevent alcohol related harm has, in the past twelve months, interviewed parents and carers and secondary school children about their attitudes and behaviours around alcohol. At a series of events throughout England, 650 11-15 year olds took part in face-to-face interviews. In addition, more that 300 parents and carers were questioned before and after an information session delivered by AET specialist staff on how to keep children safe around alcohol. The results may surprise you – 49% of adults didn’t realise that parents are the prime supplier of alcohol, believing it to be friends and peers – and 65% of children believed this too. Commonly, parents and carers thought that giving their children alcohol would stop them getting it from somewhere else and at least that way they’d know what they were... read more

AET shortlisted for two awards

We are delighted to hear that the Alcohol Education Trust has recently been shortlisted for two awards for our work to minimise alcohol related harm among young people and delay the age of first consumption. Having been the Highly Commended finalist in the best secondary resource in the Education Resource Awards 2017, we’re thrilled to say we are now shortlisted in the Charity Times Award for best small charity of the Year 2017. We are also a finalist in the Children and Young People Now! Awards for the best early intervention. We will know the results in October and November so watch this... read more

First festivals and holidays away with friends – advice for parents

Those of us with older children can breathe a sigh of relief as GCSEs, and A levels are over! But all that free time brings challenges too, with post exam parties, long light evenings, festivals, holidays in the sun and days spent in the park or on the beach – It’s especially hard to get our children to listen to to us as they get older. We have a special focus on festivals and group holidays away as we’re asked so many questions around these at our parent talks. Click here to read... read more