The Alcohol Education trust wins support from the Childhood Trust to reach 25,000 13- year-olds across 100 schools in London

The Talkaboutalcohol programme will provide our 100 page teacher workbooks, interactive website, worksheets, information leaflets, newsletters and training to 100 schools across Greater London where needs are greatest for alcohol education. London has a specific cultural and ethnic profile (42% of pupils have English as a second language and SEND is estimated to effect one in five children across their school life) meaning 60% of pupils in London require a programme that is visual rich and easily adaptable.

The BIG GIVE project will ensure that 25,000 13- to 14-year-olds in London schools learn about alcohol and its effects, the law, units and guidelines, resilience strategies and staying safe in an engaging and interactive way. A dedicated schools coordinator will ensure teachers in the schools receive training on alcohol education with email and phone support for planning and implementation. Parents of pupils across the 100 schools will be invited to talkaboutalcohol sessions offering alcohol advice and help.

Impact – A two year evaluation of talkaboutalcohol among 4000 pupils across England (including London) showed that delivering 6 AET lessons over two years delayed the onset of drinking significantly among 13 and 14 year olds( just 8% took up drinking between Years 8 and 9 versus 20% in schools where our resources were not used). Delaying regular drinking improves attainment and reduces the risk of smoking and other drug use as well as the likelihood of binge drinking and alcohol related problems later.